About Prometheus

Prometheus is an experimental blog, serving as a creative warehouse for Arran’s writings, recordings, and art. It is a natural extension of his work: a presentation of his philosophical system, a gateway into his inner world, and playground for his musical, mythological, and psychotherapeutic experiments. He invites you to come into his mind and pick a book off the shelf, sit down together and argue about the nature of love, make MidJourney draw some weird shit… or maybe he’ll just ignore you while he sits in the corner and rocks out on his drum kit. Either way, the door is open.

About Arran

Arran is a multimedia philosopher, consultant, and coach. He teaches workshops on shadow work, self-discipline, and the creative process and works with individuals and organizations towards discovering a meaningful philosophy of life, achieving goals, and developing their creative craft.

Through his YouTube Channel, Substack, and Podcast he provides tools for self-development and furthers the conversation on the psychology, philosophy, and mythology that underlie our modern experience, media, and social trends.

To stay up to date on Arran's work, follow him @arranrogerson.

Work With Arran

Book a session where we'll explore whatever existential questions, issues, or obstacles may be forming a knot in your life or whatever projects in which you need guidance, inspiration, or clarity. Depending on your individual needs, we may utilize Socratic inquiry, psychotherapeutic modalities, or productivity hacks to expand awareness around these topics while co-creatively problem-solving. Whichever tools we employ, the through-line will always be to move towards achieving what you wish to achieve and becoming who you wish to become.

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A creative warehouse for Arran's writings, recordings, and art.


Arran Rogerson

Multimedia Philosopher | Consultant | Coach | @arranrogerson