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Across all domains flows a river of possibility, a creative matrix into which you can dip your hand and pull out beautiful things. Magical things. With a little bit of patience and practice you can shape this cosmic clay to your will. That’s what artists and authors and entrepreneurs do.

While the specifics vary from medium to medium, the underlying patterns of creation remain the same. Practice with enough mediums and you’re no longer sculpting the medium itself, you’re sculpting the meta medium: the substance of which everything is made, the prima materia that brings all that moves and hums around us into being.

The world is not made of matter, it is made of waves and patterns. And to direct those patterns, to bend them to your will, to create something out of nothing, is what I fell in love with. I drew, then sang, then wrote as a young man; then taught and organized as I got older, each layer transcending and including the layer before it, until it was all one layer, until it was all just appendages of one body, one art form.

This publication is an exercise in that meta art form. Substack—with its tasteful blend of writing, multimedia, and social connectivity—seems like a good place to settle down after wandering the internet wastelands.

Accordingly, what you will find on this publication will resemble many things, but it will mostly resemble philosophy—writings about “what exists,” “what is real,” “what is good,” “what is beautiful,” and perhaps “what you should do about it.” Some of it will resemble music—compositions centered around the electric guitar or weird electro-pop experiments. Some of it will resemble visual art unashamedly produced with the help of AI. Some of it will be audio-visual, meaning video essays and the like. Some of it will be events and courses I facilitate in an attempt to build a hub for coaches, creatives, and anyone looking to build cool shit or change their life.

Whatever the medium—whether I write an essay, strum a guitar, or host a workshop—it’s all just another aesthetic avenue, like many different prisms refracting the light of one star, designed to augment and propel my core philosophical message and tempt readers onto a more courageous path.

For that is what I want for you. To carry that torch of creation, which burns at the center of all things. I hope these works will encourage all who read them to find the fire in their lives, pick it up, and boldly walk down that dark and winding path into the beautiful and terrifying unknown.

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